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Receiving a no-obligation offer from Aspen Grove Royalty is fairly simple. Before we can make you an offer we will need you to provide us with some basic information about your property. The more information you provide will better aid us in our valuation process and will greatly reduce the time it takes to get you an offer. While we strive to get you an offer within 48 hours it may take longer depending on the property, or properties, concerned. Upon our initial review of your information we may contact you to request more details, such as evidence of check stub detail perhaps.

Should you request to receive an offer from Aspen Grove Royalty please remember there is no cost involved on your part nor any obligation to sell your interest. We would also appreciate the opportunity to beat any existing offer you currently have or; if you already have a price in mind, we would like the opportunity to match or exceed that price.

Whether you ultimately decide to sell all, a percentage, or none of your interest to Aspen Grove Royalty Co., you will be treated with honesty and integrity throughout the process.

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To receive an offer you can:

  1. Complete the online form at left and hit send;
  2. Contact us by your preferred method by clicking here;
  3. Download and fill in the appropriate pdf form and either e-mail it to us or print and mail it to us. Both forms can be filled in via your computer but can't be saved. Producing Property Form or Non-Producing Property Form


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