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Large stands of individual Aspens often belong to a single colony; their interconnected and shared root systems provide each tree in the colony with the ability to grow. In that same way, Aspen Grove Royalty Company realizes that its success and growth is based upon its connectivity and relationships with mineral and royalty owners. For this reason, we place a premium on cultivating strong relationships with royalty and mineral owners and delivering unsurpassed professionalism, honesty, and courtesy in each transaction.

Aspen Grove Royalty Company, LLC is a privately held company focused primarily on the acquisition of producing and non-producing minerals and royalties throughout the continental U.S. We actively purchase a variety of both leased and unleased mineral rights, royalty interests, and nonparticipating royalty interests. Through affiliated entities we also acquire overriding royalties, working interest, water rights, wind royalties, and surface interests.

Similar to a mutual fund, or real estate investment trust, we take a portfolio approach to energy investments. By acquiring a broad range of different types of properties and interests, across varying geographic locales, we spread our risk across the entire group of investments. The spread provides us with the ability to take risks the average individual mineral owner would not. Through several holding companies and related entities our nationwide portfolio of diversified energy related properties contain various types of producing and non-producing oil and gas interests. Our continual need to prudently grow and diversify our holdings can provide us with the ability to find additional value from an interest that others may not.

pipeShould you be contemplating a full or partial sale of your interest we would like the opportunity to generate a non-binding, cost free, timely offer to purchase your interest for cash. Whether you are an individual who inherited your interest or you are a professional in the oil & gas industry; we know the decision to sell or not sell can be difficult. Should you ultimately decide to sell all or a portion of your interest to Aspen Grove Royalty Company rest assured our main focus will be providing you with as uncomplicated, transparent, quick, and simple transaction as possible. Regardless of your background, or the size of the transaction, you will be treated with the same honesty, fairness, and discretion as we would like to be treated with.

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Physical Address:
608 North Main Street
Midland, Texas 79701

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 10588
Midland, Texas 79702-7588

Telephone: (432) 683-6100
Toll-Free: (855) 762-5855
Facsimile: (432)-685-3621

Email: info@aspen-grove.com